Connecting students with Cambridge-certified tutors in the UK. Snap, send, and solve.





Product Design


Interaction Design


Harsh Vijay, Siddhita Upare,
Juilee Mahimkar, Sanni Sahil

When EasyA came to us at Brucira with their plan to bring world-class teachers in the pockets of millions of students, I couldn’t wait to create a fun, beautiful product for students to start using.

Getting Started

The UI was designed for immediate questions with a front-facing camera. In two taps, users could connect with their tutor. A right-swipe showed an overview of their recent lessons for quick access.

Tutor Profiles

Updated Tutor Profile, students would get a dedicated page to see more about who’s teaching them, both active and past. A very convenient piece of information to establish trust in the EasyA ecosystem.

Subject Recaps

Quick story-sized recap cards sent by the tutors relevant to the subject. These recaps came in handy and took care of the small doubts and would clear the air when starting with a new concept.

Built over a soft 8pt-grid system

We created a design system that served as a visual guideline for consistency on the entire platform. We also kept detailed documentation that we updated regularly throughout the design process as single source of truth that ensured efficiency in our workflow.

The app was built over an 8-pt grid and scaled beautifully across pixel densities of thousands of Android devices, which was important as the MVP launch.