Transformative investment app for sticks, ETFs, and IPOs in India. Seamless and intuitive.





Product Design

UX Copywriting

Interaction Design


Harsh Vijay, Siddhita Upare, Juilee Mahimkar,

Sagar Ludhiani, Piyush Gupta

Finity came to re-work their existing app's UI fundamentals and build the ability for people to buy and sell mutual funds.

View and buy funds

People can view and dive into details about a specific fund, instigate it, and if they want to — go ahead and set up an SIP or purchase it one-time.


The team crafted beautiful illustrations to pair with a rich set of categories the funds have been segregated into.

Design System

One of my main objectives was also to set up Finity to be able to re-build the rest of their app using a consistent framework of UI components. This also included fundamentals like typography, buttons, radio buttons to molecules like tabs and search inputs.

I also worked alongside the developers, pair-programming the screens and handing over detailed micro-interactions so what was once imagination also translated beautifully to real-world screens in people's pockets. For me, job half done is job's not done.