Fincent lets U.S-based SMBs manage payments, streamline invoicing, ensure tidy books, and do their taxes properly.





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Sunit Singh, Riju KK

Give you everything you need to manage money as a business.

In a market where the efficiency and accuracy of financial management are paramount, Fincent stands out by providing a robust and user-friendly interface tailored specifically for U.S-based SMBs. This comprehensive platform addresses various financial needs, including payment management, streamlined invoicing, comprehensive bookkeeping, and tax management. Below are the distinctive features that make Fincent a dependable ally for small and medium-sized businesses.

Effortless Payment Management

As a business owner, you can set personalized payment schedules and reminders, ensure timely transactions. The platform’s real-time progress updates and notifications keep businesses informed and focused on your financial commitments.

Built for clarity

Fincent's UI is built for clarity. The UI is pretty informative and away from unnecessary bloat. Sending payment requests and paying are simple to ease with actions that make sense.

Organized Bookkeeping

Helping businesses maintain accurate and up-to-date financial information is a solid rock behind the design's objectives. This meticulous organization aids businesses in better financial planning and decision-making.

Helps get your money right

As a business, really, I would rather focus on my job rather than messing with the busywork. Fincent applies a band-aid to this long ailing problem as long as Uncle Sam go.

Taking this to the hands of American business owners to undo accounting issues and get back on the track are some of the objectives for the Fincent app.