Rent a home without security deposits, and manage your home seamlessly. Live the best years of your life.





User Experience

Web Design

Mobile App Design


Marketing Design


Aditya Dubey

I explored various ways to eradicate security deposits from the process of renting apartments in India.

The app paid special attention to delighting potential renters with transparency and offering renters a 5-star experience, and thoughtful filters like Internet On-Arrival homes, tags for LGBTQ+ friendly landlords, and gated societies.

Thoughtful filters

I re-thought categories and emulated well-executed filters from apps like Airbnb, and pre-existing leading platforms in the rental space like Housing, NoBroker, etc.


Values for Rello's interface would be transparency. From cards, to payment screens that include proper tax and complete breakdowns without cluttering the UI.

Not an EMI

A lot of people would ask me getting rid of security deposits is cool, but how would I do it without pushing a monthly instalment on users?

I built a framework where instead of a traditional loan, the security deposits of credit-healthy people would be paid via P2P (peer-to-peer) lending, and recovering said amount would be via monthly subscriptions.

This model heavily relies on people becoming long-term users. Quick change of city, good customer support, and further buying flats and taking care of amenities in the future are a glimpse of this vision.